Family Theatre, to support Key Stage 2 PSHE education, ages 7-11, New Writing, Storytelling, Puppetry, Musical, Cabaret

Busy Being Ze is a puppet show for children and families called which is about a non-binary puppet named Ze's journey to self acceptance inspiring love, learning and inclusivity for everyone.

It is a reaction to the Birmingham protests and other similar protests against inclusive LGBTQ+ education as part of new compulsory PSHE which comes into schools across the UK from September 2020.

With the help of 110 super humans who supported our Kickstarter in the summer, our wonderful hosts, Applecart Arts and a special thanks to Arts Council England, we just completed the first stage of development for "Busy Being Ze" with a public sharing.

You can view our Kickstarter page here.

Busy Being Ze will continue development in 2020, with the hopes of being ready for touring end of 2020/early 2021.

For more information about the Busy Being Ze R&D please click here