Children’s Theatre, 8+, New Writing, Storytelling, Puppetry, Physical Theatre,  Family.


"All of us human beings are made of stardust and love all jumbled up together. And one day we all have to go back to the sky where we came from..."


This is what Lily's Gran has always told her, and Gran is old and wise so she knows a lot. Gran and Lily loved to look up at the stars and tell stories but when Gran passes away, Lily must find her own story. Lost and confused, she tumbles into a dark, tangled forest....what good is being made of stardust if you don't live forever? What good is being made of love if you don't even say goodbye? 


'The Old Woman Made of Stardust' is a heartwarming tale of love, loss and growing up. Using puppetry, music and a sprinkling of stardust the play explores how we can learn to cope with loss and move forward into the next chapter of our lives.


'Stardust' is an ongoing project, and this event will be an opportunity for you to share your feedback and help us develop the show. Death can be a difficult subject to talk about. We hope that with your feedback, working alongside child bereavement charities and psychotherapists, we can help break down some of the barriers that can block the road to recovery.  

We will also be fundraising for the charity Winston's Wish, who do a great deal of valuable work helping bereaved children and their families.

Concept, Writer and Director- Edie Edmundson

Sound Design- Sebastian Freeburn

Creative Team- Mira Yonder, Georgia Bates, Bron Davies, Beth Graham, Alicia Britt, Eti Meacock.