“Sex and Puppets" is the sex ed. that all of us needed and none of us had.”
-Erotic Review 2017

Young Adult-Adult Theatre, 16+, Devised, Comedy, Verbatium, Contemporary Puppetry, Cabaret


A journey into the weird and wonderful world of sex and relationships inspired by real stories of first kisses, crushes, discovering identity, bodies and all the fuzzy stuff in between. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad and sometimes completely out of this world – sex is complicated, so let’s start the conversation!


Wondering Hands address this country’s serious lack of cohesive sex education. Asking questions and being curious about sex is natural and should be available to everyone. Combining verbatim material collected via open-to-all online surveys, plus unique, innovative puppetry, Wondering Hands explore the places we keep hidden under the covers.

“The anticipation and excitement in the air was tangible and people’s faces beamed with smiles, which were destined to remain there throughout the performance.” -Puppet Place


“If there’s any show that could convince you of the validity and vibrancy of cabaret puppetry as an art form, it’s “SEX and Puppets” -Ruthless Magazine

“Sex and Puppets" is gorgeous, heartwarming fun that will leave you a better person – and perhaps a better lover – for watching.” -Erotic Review

Directed by Edie Edmundson

Writer/Design by Alicia Britt

Musical Director Sebastian Freeburn